Self propelled kinetic

A few images of an idea I'm playing with at the moment. Steel rolled hoops with geared down 20 rpm motor and weight.

Arachnobot at Halloween

Halloween 2016 saw the Arachnobot perform in Manchester and Norwich town centres as well as at the Monster Jam event in Frankfurt.

Hampstead Theatre, "Wild"

A trick chair created for Hampstead Theatre's production of Wild. The chair is swapped out during scene change and clips into the floor so that it remains in place along with the actor on it as the whole set rotates through 90 degrees leaving the chair on a vertical wall.

Granary square performance

A few shots of Arachnobot the Giant Spider performing in Granary Square, London. We performed in front of St Martins as part of a day of filming with the Discovery Channel and October Films. It was great to see the students reactions as they walked into the square.

Bar fit out for Cheese Truck Ltd.

A complete bar fit out including benches, tables, chairs, main bar and storage units for a new railway arch bar opening in March 2016. These are just the steel frames which will have oak planks fitted for the final finish.

Crocodile Head for Threesixty Entertainment

Crocodile head built for the  Threesixty Entertainment production of Peter Pan currently on tour in the US. The  lightweight head will appear onstage via a trap and swallow captain cook whole. A design challenge given the weight restrictions and small size of the trap door. Mainly build with Aluminium with nylon and wood details.

Polystyrene horse!

Here's the finished polystyrene carve ready for dispatch to the casting workshop. It may not look like it now but this will be transformed into 5 horse torsos. Once the casts are back all that's left is fitting them up to the aluminium frame...

Unit 9 Hamlet Industrial Estate 96 Whitepost Lane London E9 5EN

DM Pranks

Arachnobot and DM Pranks filming a new YouTube prank video just outside Rome last weekend. The video should be going live in the next few days.