Artistic Director Tim Davies is a sculptor and innovative engineer with a passion for large-scale, kinetic creations and high impact spectacles.

Tim has designed and built a stunning array of large-scale puppets for prestigious outdoor events: from multi-award winning shows in the Spanish carnival scene, to the innovative Arachnobot which is now globally renowned, having performed to crowds of hundreds of thousands of people in four different continents.

With a keen talent for marrying strength and structure with movement and fluidity, Tim has energetically embraced an eclectic range of commissions for London’s leading theatre companies. He creates sets and apparatus, working closely and intuitively with circus acts, aerialists, physical performers and dancers.

He has an impressive list of British and international clients including Insomniac Inc (USA), ITV (UK), Innovator Festival (Abu Dhabi), Threesixty Entertainment (USA), Ockhams Razor (UK), Neighbourhood Watch Stilt-walking International (UK), Talents and Productions (Monaco), P2BK 2014 (Kuwait), DM Pranks (Italy), Turtle Key Arts (UK), Folded Feather (UK), Arx (Finland), Mish Mash Management (UK), Sideways Arts (UK), Oldham City Council, Arts Base (UK).

Media appearances include the Discovery Channel, Fox News, Huck Magazine, Wired Magazine, La Nueva Espana, and Kuwaiti TV.


The Discovery Channel said:

"I love stories involving the intersection of art and technology. Your creations fit the bill!"

Insomniac Inc said:

"Your piece embodies the perfect representation of both the antagonist of our show, and a marvellous piece of art!"